Jeannie is a lifelong learner, creator and amplifier of joy.  


Using movement and food as vehicles for people to explore, experience and discover more of what makes them come alive, Jeannie guides people to integrate daily practices that allow them to feel at home in their body and BE their very best each day.  


Jeannie is the mastermind behind Elements of Life Coaching which embraces the fact that the simple elements of our every day greatly impact our mental and physical health and therefore, our experience of life.    


As your personal coach, she provides a comprehensive approach to improving your overall health and wellbeing.  By incorporating movement, nutrition, art, education, and music you will learn how to be more creative and focused in actualizing your visions and goals.  


Jeannie helps people understand and access flow states to improve every aspect of life. She collaborates with leaders in designing transformative and meaningful experiences that expand what's possible.


Let Jeannie help you explore more, learn, and excel at what’s most important to you.


Coaching Focus:  

  • Co-creating exercise and nutrition habits for life

  • Guiding others to learn basic kitchen and movement skills that facilitate better daily experiences

  • Building greater awareness and appreciation for life through food, flow and fun


  • B.S. in Health Sciences

  • Certifications - GMB FitnessⓇ, Animal FlowⓇ, Precision NutritionⓇ

  • WellcoachesⓇ Wellness Coach

  • Muscle Specialist

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