Breaking Points

What do you do when you’re broken?

You revel in it. Honor it. You use it!

I was shaking and bending backwards until I broke. “Broken” gave me the breakdown to show me my limitations - it revealed my breaking points in every sense of the word. When you can see, feel and truly know where you were broken you can fill in the gaps, secure the breaches, shore up your foundation, and fortify your will. And, you will constantly need to do all of those things.

Because life will break you!

It may break you physically.

It may break you mentally.

It may break your heart.

It may break your spirit.

And, none of these are fun!

And, they will most certainly leave a mark.

It will be a mark of victory or defeat - you choose!

Every time and every way in which you break, is an opportunity to surrender; to fall apart so that you may become more stable, stronger, smarter, wiser, faster, more resilient and more creative.

I watched so many dreams go up in smoke. I’ve crawled up and out of some terribly miserable places, learned to stand again, and rise above what I was in order to take the shape of who I was designed to be. It is out of the ashes that pure beauty has emerged, and it is in hindsight that I realize the fact that it’s in the sheer act of standing up and moving forward that we all become, and remain, unbroken.


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