Practice Being You

Creating change is difficult.

The only way to do difficult things is to be deeply and strongly connected to your purpose.

Purpose develops and changes over time.

Difficult things demand grit.

Grit is born from passion and perseverance.

Passion and perseverance build over time.

Time requires patience.

Patience requires time.

Time is fleeting.

Today only happens once.

There’s a need for better.

Better asks that you embrace responsibility - for your life and the life of others.

A responsibility to consistently and generously say no.

And, in order to say “no” you must have something to say “yes” to.

Say “yes” to YOU.

Practice being YOU.

Your identity fuels your actions.

Your actions create habits.

Habits are a part of your practice.

Your practice is the shortest distance between you and what you want.

Take it one moment at a time, one day at a time.

Bring your intention and full attention.

Watch what unfolds before your eyes.

NOW is a perfect time to begin!

Here’s an idea: If each day is a practice in creating a process you can love living for the rest of your life, what are you choosing as the contents for your day?

Every day is a work of art - an opportunity to explore, learn, connect, create and share. Make it beautiful!


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