Welcome to 30 Days of Play - will you join me?

Forget about everything that happened yesterday and the day before that and the day before that…

Today is a brand new day!

What are you going to do today to make a difference in the lives of others? What are you offering today? Why?

How can you make your space more beautiful?

What can you do to take care of yourself so that you can be more for others?

What delights and surprises might you find today?

What are 3 amazing things that will happen today?

Write these questions for yourself on a tiny piece of paper, carry them throughout your day as a way to be more mindful, deliberate, observant; OPEN! I wonder what we’ll discover!?

At the end of the day today, before you go to sleep, take out your list of questions and answer them.

Think about what you read, listened to, how you moved, what you ate, what you thought about and how you felt.

Welcome to 30 days of Play! New challenges developing daily - no scheduled posts, no staged photos, just real time happenings captured for the sole purpose paying attention, taking time to reflect on an experience and deepen our appreciation for life.

This is an exercise in presence!

I find that so many people won’t take action if the outcome is uncertain. As humans it’s easy to cling to the illusion of certainty. We want to know what we’re going to get before we’re willing to commit to putting in any effort or taking a risk purely for the sake of exploring and discovering something new about ourselves or the world at large.

I’d venture to bet that I’m not alone in craving contact, meaningful connection, community. My heart longs to feel embraced and honored. Learning to have faith and trust the process is an exercise in and of itself. Perhaps this exercise will help us to connect with each other in more meaningful ways? Maybe it will thrust us into a bigger and better conversation? What do you think?


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