You're Worth More Than Your Weight in Gold

In my marriage my worth was measured by what money I did or didn’t bring home.

I would constantly get asked, “Where’s your ROI?”

Our values didn’t match to say the least, and I allowed myself to be objectified, and devalued until I believed it was true.

I don’t tell you this for you to feel pity for me or have any ill feelings towards my ex-husband.

I’m sharing this because I think it’s unfortunate that most of us have been raised in a world that values things over people. We’re more apt to spend on material things and consume at ever-increasing rates, rather than investing time and attention in our relationships and creativity.

I say, “Fuck that!”

My wish is for all of us to grow so comfortable in our feelings, our Knowing, and our imagination that we become deeply committed to our own joy and integrity.

I invite you to join me in creating a world where individuals are seen, heard and valued for their own unique gifts and talents. A world where we recognize and revel in diversity, and work to construct a culture that allows people to flourish, thereby producing a new gold standard in the process.

I dare you to imagine the truest, most beautiful life, relationships and world – and then go conjure up the courage to make it real.


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