I coach individuals and leaders in fun conversations and intentional actions.  We'll explore and get clear on the life elements that are draining you of the energy that you need to be your most authentic and vibrant self.  Together we'll move forward in creating a healthier, more playful life.

Jamie Wheal, Executive Director Flow Genome Project

"Jeannie is thoughtful, creative, generous and truly cares for the lives of the people she touches.  


She excels at creating an environment and experience that makes people feel safe to explore and expand what’s possible in body and mind.


With her uncanny ability for making the complex simple, Jeannie exposes people to the joy in learning to create a physical practice that is fun and delivers results.”

Kelly Compton, Mom and Marketing Coordinator

It’s more than just my body…I feel like ME again…or better yet an IMPROVED me that I didn’t know existed.

Greg Phillips, Entrepreneur/Tech Coach

Jeannie and Elements Life Coaching brought me into my body. Jeannie was able to look at the exercises I was doing and fine tune things. Focusing on form and minimal use of machines and complicated moves, Jeannie brought me an array of exercising I could do anywhere. These coupled with her dedication to follow up, keeping me on task but in a loving, supporting way helped me to build a life-changing habit.

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